VELIO UNI 125 W1 Black (3000 K) | Velio

VELIO UNI 125 W1 Black (3000 K)

Velio is a unique product that combines a luminaire and an air diffuser into one ceiling element to meet the high demands of architects for a simple uniform ceiling structure. It is suitable for large open spaces, but also small rooms such as toilets. It is no longer necessary to suffer compromises of placing the lamp and the plate valve on a small ceiling, e.g. in the pantry, nor try to somehow harmonize their design. Velio will solve both: lighting and ventilation.

Its advantage is that it can be used as a separate lamp, or as a valve for ventilation, or as a combination of both. Benefit is less diverse elements on the ceiling as usual.

VELIO UNI 125 W1 Black 4000 K is black and the light color is warm white 3000 K. (Available is also white Velio and neutral white color 4000 K of light.)







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